Culinary Professional Diploma Programme

18 months - 3 Certificates

In this programme, trainees will acquire the competencies and knowledge to be fully operational in different kitchens following the standards of first-class culinary operations. Trainees will have a deep understanding of how the management of a kitchen is conducted, and which tools are used by industry professionals to do so.

Trainees graduating from this programme will have the capacity to successfully work independently in the kitchen and be well-equipped to enter the industry and reach a supervisory position in a short period of time.

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Duration: 6 months per certification (2 days per week)

Fee: TBA

Classes are conducted in English

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Foundation Certificate

Trainees will acquire the basic skills required to be operational in a professional kitchen.

Intermediate Certificate

Trainees will be exposed to different types of cuisine and kitchen operations.

Advanced Certificate

Trainees will focus on advance culinary and kitchen management skills.

What you will learn

  • Prepare hot and cold food dishes following different recipes and different methods of cooking
  • Ability to work in kitchen operations independently and in a team
  • Operate with the consideration of guests' preferences while also balance economical and ecological mindset
  • Master the principles of occupational health and safety and environmental protection

How classes are delivered

A blend of knowledge and skills trainings through:

  • Digital learning which trainees need to complete before attending the physical class trainings
  • Active learning activities in class facilitated by licensed trainers who are certified by EHL Advisory Services
  • Guided practical sessions with supervision in a real front-office, housekeeping and laundry environment

Diploma Certification

Trainees who wish to obtain a Culinary Professional Diploma will need to complete all 3 certificates or satisfy the requirements of the Recognition of Experiential Learning course to fast-track.

"My SIH experience has been awesome! I've really enjoyed learning here. The course content was extremely informative and detailed but presented in a way that made it easy to absorb. What I've learnt here will definitely help me be better in my job and open new opportunities for me!"

Jockson Guaik Han Jian
Sushi Chef
The Frying Square

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