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Email Writing Workshop

Every day, tons of emails are sent and received in many workplaces. However, many writers are unaware that their emails could have been more effectively written and that there are certain professional standards for handling emails. This workshop shows writers how to use contemporary language and presentation to create clearer emails. It also offers tips on improving email etiquette that will make them more considerate and courteous writers. At the end of the workshop, trainees will have a better understanding of the importance of email etiquette

What you will learn

  • Understanding purpose of writing and how the audience can shape the way one writes
  • The different structures for organising emails
  • Using contemporary language for emails
  • Clarifying common language errors found in emails
  • Laying out the emails correctly and professionally
  • Tips for better email etiquette
    1 day (4hrs)
    Online or In-Person
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